• Wallaby Goods: Mason Jars
  • Wallaby Goods: Mason Jars
  • Wallaby Goods: Mason Jars
Wallaby Goods: Amber Mason

Wallaby: Mason Jars

Perfect for pickling, canning, fermenting or dry storing. We guarantee an airtight seal, prolonging the shelf life of many foods, so they stay fresh, flavorful, and nutritious for extended periods.

Made with durable annealed glass that's food grade, dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe. They are easy to fill with veggies, sauce, jam and more. Made for pickling and canning, they're safe for pressure and water bath canning. LockLid technology ensures the best seal, safeguarding your jarred foods against air, moisture and contaminants. The metal rim is reusable and rust resistant. Effortlessly organize your preserved foods for a clutter free storage solution, and say goodbye to residue, thanks to the included canning labels that dissolve in water.

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